AUX-IN för RTI system

The MII Light Edition, or LE is the perfect solution for integrating virtually any audio device into your factory Volvo entertainment system. Utilizing a pair of RCA connectors for inputs, the MII is so versatile that it can be used for MP3 Players, Satellite or DAB Radio Receivers –even GPS units! Any device that outputs an analog audio signal can be used with the MII LE.

In addition to its truly awesome sound quality the MII LE can be integrated into vehicles with or without the factory RTI system, and even has support for a reversing camera1.


  • One stereo auxiliary input using RCA style connectors
  • Superb sound quality
  • Compatible with the factory RTI systems

How does the MII LE Work?

The MII LE is able to  emulate OEM peripherals that were optional in Volvo vehicles. By doing  this the MII LE can effectively communicate with the OEM radio, and  utilize every feature available. This can be changed by uploading  different firmware – available under the downloads section after logging  in – however the MII LE emulates a CD Changer from the factory.  Depending on the radio that is installed in the vehicle the MII LE can  emulate one of the following peripherals:

  • 10 Disk Trunk Mounted CD Changer
  • MiniDisk Changer (Prior to MY2005)
  • Satellite Radio Receiver (MY 2005 or newer)

Note: Which channels  are available is dependent on the radio that is installed in the  vehicle.

CD Based RTI Systems

Currently only DVD  based RTI systems are officially supported. If your vehicle has a CD  based RTI system it is possible to integrate the MII LE with audio only  support. You will need the CD RTI Connector. Please see the downloads  section for a PDF file describing how to do this.


The MII LE DVD RTI Package is intended for vehicles that came equipped from the factory with a DVD RTI system. This package will ‘chain’ the MII LE behind the RTI system. It is completely plug and play and will mount the MII LE in the rear of the vehicle. Please note that if your vehicle is equipped with a TV Tuner, it will have to be disconnected.


The DVD RTI Package is intended for vehicles that came equipped with a factory DVD based RTI system. With this configuration it is also extremely easy to integrate one of our X1 Reversing Cameras into your vehicle. It is recommended that the MII LE be installed in the rear of the vehicle with the audio cable being (not supplied) routed to the center console for easy access.

The MII LE DVD RTI Package includes the following:

  • MII LE Multimedia Adaptor PN: A1.831.0000
  • RTI Power and Camera Cable PN: A0.143.0004
  • 60cm Long Melbus Cable PN: P0.151.0002


AUX-IN för RTI system