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The ADI-100 is an in-car audio adapter that offers a flexible and cost effective way to apply modern digital audio technology to your existing analogue in-car audio system.

The existing analogue system can be easily upgraded to receive DAB/DAB+ digital radio services. ADI-100 uses FM-RDS micro-transmitter and no complex cabling to your car audio system. The ADI-100 DAB receiver is operated using a remote controller, while all messages related to the system’s operations, such as service name, memory preset, etc., are converted to RDS text and displayed on the LCD screen of your in-car audio system. The flexible configuration options of the ADI-100 makes it easy to install in different car makes and models.

Furthermore, ADI-100 has an AFC (Automatic Frequency Change) function that allows you to continuously listen to your favorite DAB programs through your car radio system without the need to frequently change the FM frequency manually when you drive into a metropolitan area where FM stations are highly crowded. Without AFC, the manual frequency change can be hazardous and inconvenient as the driver will have to find an unused FM frequency by tuning the car radio, change FM transmitter to use the same unused frequency, and repeat the process each time the FM transmit frequency is interfered by an FM station. Consult your car radio manual or the car dealer if your car radio has AF (alternative frequency) function, and how to enable AF function before using this AFC function.

If AF function is not built in your car radio, you can use ADI-100 AutoScan function to automatically scan for 3 useable FM frequencies; you will need to choose a new frequency from the scanned frequencies to set and synchronize it between the car radio and the ADI-100 manually. Alternately, you can use ADI-100 to set a new FM transmitting frequency manually or set a frequency from one of the FM transmitting frequency presets which have been previously saved, and then set the car radio’s FM frequency to match.


ADI-100 needs to operate with an RDS car radio in order to properly display the relevant system message of ADI-100 via the in-car radio display.

DAB Mottagare

DAB Mottagare
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