Lite- IPOD-IN i Volvo HU Front

The iMIV Light Edition (LE) is without a doubt the easiest and most cost effective way to seamlessly integrate audio from iPod or iPhone into your factory Volvo entertainment system. It is essentially a trimmed down version of the iMIV Classic, however don’t let that fool you into thinking it lacks in features.

The iMIV LE has leading class audio quality, audio and charging support for all of the latest iPod and iPhone models, a small form factor and even support for a reversing camera1.

The iMIV LE supports:

  • Song titles, Artist and Playlist information on the radio screen2
  • Control of an iPod or iPhone from the radio or steering wheel controls
  • Automatic pausing and resuming of the iPod or iPhone when the vehicle is turned off
  • Compatibility with vehicles with/without the factory RTI system

As well, the iMIV LE also has two modes of operation which we have dubbed Simple Mode and Advanced Mode. Operating the iMIV Classic in simple mode allows basic control of functions such as next track and previous track from the radio or steering wheel controls, while all other functions can be accessed from the iPod or iPhone itself. Advanced mode locks the screen of the iPod/iPhone but has the benefit of being able to scroll through and select playlists from the radio and steering wheel controls. Song and Playlist names will also be displayed on the radio screen for easy navigation.

How does the iMIV LE Work?

The iMIV LE is able to emulate OEM peripherals that were optional in Volvo vehicles. By doing this the iMIV LE can effectively communicate with the OEM radio, and utilize every feature available. This can be changed by uploading different firmware – available under the downloads section after logging in – however the iMIV LE emulates a CD Changer from the factory. Depending on the radio that is installed in the vehicle the iMIV LE can emulate one of the following peripherals.

  • 10 Disk Trunk Mounted CD Changer
  • MiniDisk Changer
  • Satellite Radio Receiver


Note: Which channels are available is dependent on the radio that is installed in the vehicle. Only Satellite and MiniDisk channels can display song and playlist information. The Satellite and Minidisk channels are not present at the same time on any Volvo radio.

iMIV LE Front Mount Package

The iMIV LE Front Mount Package is intended for vehicles that do not have a factory RTI system and are not Melbus prepped.


Not Melbus Prepped

The Front Mount Package is completely plug and play and includes all the cables needed to install the iMIV LE in the front of the vehicle. Common places are under the passenger seat and behind the glove box. It is recommended that the iPod/iPhone cable be routed to the center console for easy access.

The iMIV LE Front Mount Package includes the following:

  • iMIV LE Multimedia Adaptor PN: A1.822.0000
  • 200cm Long iPod Dock Cable (Audio and Video Support) PN: P0.161.0005
  • Front Mount Power Splitter (Y) Harness PN: A0.143.0000
  • Front Mount Power Cable PN: A0.143.0003
  • 80cm Long Melbus Cable PN: P0.151.0003

1Requires a Power and Camera Cable. Only compatible with factory DVD RTI systems. 2Requires Satellite or MiniDisk firmware.


Lite- IPOD-IN i Volvo HU Front

Lite- IPOD-IN i Volvo HU Front
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